Restore Meditation

Eleana M. Conway

Eleana obtained her Bachelors of Science. in Nursing from Saint Anselm College in 1995 and earned her Masters in Community Health Nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner from Boston College in 1998. She has studied at the UMass Medical School, Center for Mindfulness and is Reiki I certified.

Over the course of her professional career, Eleana has worked with individuals across the lifespan struggling with a wide range of challenges; including chronic disease and addiction. She served as Head Nurse Practitioner in the Adult Pulmonary, Asthma, and Allergy Clinic and co-lead Smoking Cessation Programs at Boston Medical Center.

For over a decade, Eleana directed population health and risk reduction opportunities across corporations and health systems. She passionately promotes a culture of health and encourages all to pursue a balanced lifestyle through her public speaking and through the development and facilitation of evidence based and patient centered wellness programs; including Weight Management, Physical Activity, Tobacco Treatment, and Stress Management Training Programs.

Her experience as a school nurse has taught her first-hand about the challenges kids face and how to best support, engage, and empower them in self-care and stress reduction practices. She serves as a direct link between improved health and lifestyle changes so that no one has to face their journey alone.

Eleana has a longstanding interest in the practice of meditation. She believes cultivating mindfulness plays an important role in the reduction of disease and suffering and in learning to live in a skillful way.

For more than a decade, Eleana has been dedicated to her own formal meditation and yoga practice; growing and refining her own form, technique and spiritual connection. She often refers to her practice as the ‘superhero cape’ that allows her to happily and successfully manage her personal and professional life, and to stay present and balanced in our face-paced society.

In 2017, Eleana opened Restore Meditation,in Woburn, MA, Boston's First Modern Meditation studio to share the benefits of mindfulness with others.

An important aspect of her life is family; including her husband, four children, and dog.

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Nicolette Manzi

Nicolette was born and raised in Woburn, and graduated from St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH in 2018 with a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a minor in Psychology from Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH.

Meditation and yoga have been an integral part of Nicolette’s daily life since she found herself suffering from debilitating anxiety resulting from the stressors associated with being a college student. She discovered that meditation helped her cope with her everyday struggle and a daily meditation practice soon became an essential part of her routine. Soon thereafter, in looking for a way to move and challenge herself physically as well as mentally, she found the gift of yoga.

Compelled to share her life changing experience with meditation and yoga, Nicolette decided to become a certified yoga instructor and in June of 2018, she completed her RYT 200. Throughout her training, Nicolette explored all aspects of yoga, ranging from Ashtanga to restorative practices, such as Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Restorative Yoga. She believes that the potential for yoga to be a physical yet mentally restorative practice allows her students to take what they need most from their practice, and is one of Nicolette’s favorite parts of yoga.

Restore holds a special place in Nicolette’s heart, as it is the first meditation studio she had ever visited. Restore Owner, Eleana, instantly became a mentor and a great source of guidance for Nicolette as she considered her future aspirations as well her yoga training. In the future, Nicolette wishes to be a healthcare provider and hopes to bring the skills and benefits of yoga and meditation to her patients. Nicolette hopes to help make these practices a more integral part of healthcare, similarly to the exceptional work Eleana has already done with Restore. Eleana and the Restore team have been essential in guiding Nicolette, and she couldn’t think of a better place to start her teaching experience then at Restore.

Nicolette’s wisdom, passion and love for yoga are evident in her teaching She encourages her students to find the inner calm that lies within each of us, and to realize the importance of caring for ourselves and bringing what we learn in yoga with us as we move ‘off the mat.” Due to her own personal experience with anxiety and the stresses that affect each of us, Nicolette often gears her classes toward not striving for perfection, but rather realigning energy, and finding a little peace that students can take with them off their mat.

Nicolette is excited to teach in her hometown and share her passion for meditation and yoga with the Restore community. She looks forward to the journey that lies ahead as she begins her role as an instructor and how her practice will continue to deepen along the way. When not practicing yoga or meditation, Nicolette can be found working at Mount Auburn Hospital and spending time with her family and friends. She also writes a wellness blog in her free time, which can be found at Here Nicolette opens up about her own personal experiences with yoga, meditation, and her journey of becoming a yoga instructor. Her blog is one of her favorite ways to connect with people off of her mat.

Vanessa Mulvey

A musician by training, Vanessa Mulvey was introduced to Body Mapping in 2005, which set her career on the unexpected trajectory focusing on helping musicians avoid injury and heal through movement. She is excited to bring this healing work to people from all walks of life at Restore. The benefits of Body Mapping include enhanced movement quality for any activity, reduction of wear and tear on joints and enhancement of soft tissue healing.

Vanessa’s insatiable curiosity has led her to explore movement with her flute and without it in actives that range from Flying Trapeze, to Parkour, to Core Movement Integration. She combines these experiences with her knowledge of the design of the body for movement for classes that focus on mindful movement that is gentle and integrative. She has seen how clients find comfort in their own body by understanding simple anatomy and experiencing movement.

Vanessa is a Level 1 Certified MovNat Instructor and is in the 100-hour Core Movement Integration Training Program. In January 2019, her fascination with movement and awareness led her to a mindfulness meditation practice that kicked off at Restore Meditation. Her classes are a wonderful blend of Body Mapping with mindfulness. Vanessa is a faculty member at the New England Conservatory of Music and Longy School of Music of Bard College, in her own studio and as a guest clinician throughout the country. She has been a guest instructor for the YMCA’s Livestrong program.

Janet Williams

Janet Williams is a 200 RYT and Reiki Practitioner, with immense love for sound therapy. As a mom she found her way to yoga in search for herself again, reconnecting to her body and breath cultivating growth and expansion.

Sound became the bridge her journey within. Taking the room commanding attention with each note, leaving space only for breath and connection; eliminating distraction and connecting you to the present moment.

She is passionate about sharing her love of sound, mediation, yoga and creative art; cultivating peace and happiness. Building a practice that promotes healing, acceptance and harmony in the mind, body and soul. She can’t wait to get to know you and share her passion.